What's Growing at the Farm

We've been getting  and growing new and fun plants and shrubs at the farm! If you haven;t been out to see us lately, you're missing out! Here's a few of the fun things in hand as of today, 5/23/19.



Sweet Emotion Abelia

Sweet Emotion abelia is the hardiest abelia yet, surviving in zone 4 (-30 degrees). It's also the most fragrant of any abelia! The white and pink spring blooms offer a sweet jasmine fragrance. And, it resists deer and rabbits! With it's elegant habit, attractive seed heads, and orange fall foliage and you have the perfect shrub. It prefers part to full sun and grows to about  5'-6' tall and wide at full maturity. It does bloom on old wood, so if you want to keep it pruned, do so right after the flowers fade in late spring to assure blooms the following year! The photo at the left was taken of a mature shrub here at the farm on May 21st, just as the blooms were getting ready to burst open! 


Lemony Lace Elderberry

The sheer intensity of the gold and chartreuse green leaves makes Lemony Lace™  (Sambucus racemosa) a great addition to your garden! The lacy leaves keep their bright color even through summer's heat. And to add to the appeal, they produce deep red berries in autumn which the songbirds love. Lemon Lace is very cold hardy (zone 3, -40 degrees!) and wind resistant. And while deer love standard elderberry, they don't seem to prefer this variety as much. It thrives in well-drained soil and it loves full sun (6+ hours) to part sun, but will appreciate a little protection from the harsh afternoon heat in mid summer. At full size it is only about 3'-5' tall and wide, so it will fit most gardens easily. 


Black Lace Elderberry

Black Lace™ (Sambucus nigra) has intense, finely cut purple black foliage which somewhat resembles a Japanese Maple. While the foliage along is beautiful, the creamy pink flowers in spring really make this shrub a stand out. Blooms are followed by black-red berries in fall which can be used for making elderberry wine and jam, or left on the plant for the birds visiting your yard. At a zone 4 (-30 degrees) it is very winter hardy. And Deer don't care for this elderberry because of something in the black leaves. Win-win! At a mature size of 6'-8' tall and wide, it will fill a large hole in a sunny spot in your yard quickly! It will grow happily in part shade as well, but more slowly, and probably staying more compact.


Amethyst™ Coral Berry

The vivid color of this coral berry makes it a stand-out in the landscape. The hot pink fruit is much bright and showy and the shrub has good branching and a neat habit, unlike many older types of Coral Berry. Amethyst provides vivid color in mid-summer, and has been reported to be somewhat deer resistant.  and as indicated by being the winner of the 2013 Cut Flower of the Year award by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, it makes a great addition to your cut flower arrangements. At full maturity it will be 4'-6' tall and 3'-5' wide. It prefers full to part sun and is best pruned in late fall or early spring because it blooms on new wood.