What's Growing at the Farm

The season is coming to an end, but there are still a lot of interesting things to see at the farm! Here are just a few.

Rock Garden Friendly


Creeping Hummingbird Trumpet

Also known as Zauschneria 'Orange Carpet', this plant is native to the arid mountains of southern Idaho. It will bloom many weeks from mid to late summer. It's deer resistant, drought tolerant and, as the name suggests, it's a humming bird magnet! 4-6" tall x 15-18" wide. Zone 5


Coreopsis Varieties

We've got some great new varieties as well as tried and true coreopsis for you this year! Spice up your sunny spots with 'Curry Up' & Hot Paprika', or add some lovely fern-leaf texture with 'Zagreb', or maybe you'd like to try the long blooming new variety, 'Sun Swirl.' Whatever your Tickseed desire may be, we've got you covered! Pollinators love them, but deer, not so much. Sizes can range from 15-20". Curry Up & Hot Paprika are zone 5,  Sun Swirl which is zone 4, and Zagreb is a hardy zone 3! 

Part Sun - Shade Plants


Hosta Varieties

Nothing livens up a shady spot in your garden like a hosta or two... or 10! With the wide variety of hues and leaf shapes, they never get old! Hostas like rich, well drained soil, and can be fairly drought once established. If you have deer that frequent your yard, you'll want to plant these in a more protected area because the do tend to be "deer candy." Size will vary depending on the variety. Zone 3


Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts are a wonderfully romantic addition to the shade garden. From the old fashioned Valentine, to the bright lime leafed Gold Heart, to the long blooming fern leaf varieties, they are all fantastic. The old fashioned varieties put on a spectacular spring show and then go dormant when the weather gets ho, so plant them next to something that will fill the space left when they do. The fern leaf varieties have less dazzling, but long lived, sweet little blooms - lasting from May until frost, and the foliage is Central Oregon's answer to lush ferns! 8-18" tall, 1-3' spread. Zone 3