Meet the Crew


HOLLY - Owner/Operator

Holly is originally from the Willamette Valley and moved to Bend in 1999 shortly after she and Paul were married. Her plan to start a small nursery on their newly acquired farm is what brought Whistle Stop Farm to life! 

​Hobbies & Past-times? 

  "I love traveling, paddle-boarding/kayaking, relaxing... spending time with friends and family." 

Favorite Garden Style? 

  "I love the look of cottage gardens! Anything with lots of color and low maintenance plants is great." 

Favorite Plants? 

  "Catmint is always one of my favorites because it is so easy and has such a long bloom period. Peonies are another favorite. For annuals, I really love to use profusion or Zahara Zinnias in my beds for lots of color late in the summer. For edibles, any tomato, but I love the texture & flavor of Valencia tomatoes the best.


PAUL - Owner

Paul grew up in Mt. Angel Oregon and moved to Bend in 1999 after he and Holly were married. Paul has a full time job away from the farm, and spends the rest of his free time working here with us! 

Hobbies & Past-times? 

  "Basketball, football, all sports really! Spending time and having fun with family! Camping and fishing." 


TINA - Operations/Administrative Manager

Tina was born and raised on the Oregon Coast and she and her family moved to Bend in 1990 to "dry out." 

Hobbies & Past-times?   

  "I like to garden, camp and spend time with my family and friends!" 

Favorite Garden Style?  

  "Cottage gardens are my favorite! I love lots of color and texture in a garden and just wish I had more time to spend in my garden!" 

Favorite Plants? 

  "Peonies, roses, daisies, flowering vines - all the cottage garden type plants. I love Sun Gold tomatoes, peas and summer squash in my veggie garden!"


VICKIE- Operations Supervisor

Vickie grew up in Southern California. She moved to Bend in 1974 to be close to her twin sister. She amd her husband have been married for 42 years and they have 3 sons and 5 grand kids!  

Hobbies & Past-times?    

  "I love gardening, knitting and playing the ukulele. I also love camping,snow sports and spending time with my grandchildren."

Favorite Garden Style?    

  "My favorite garden style is a cottage garden." 

Favorite Plants?    

  "Black and Blue Salvia - humming birds love them! Nasturtiums - easy to grow and they are edible.   Bleeding Heart 


CAROL ​- Operations Supervisor

Carol grew up in Las Vegas NV and met her husband in Yellowstone! She moved to Central Oregon 35 years ago for a horse job. Carol loves working outside everyday and spending time with the people she works with, and our customers - and of course the flowers are always a bonus as well! 

Hobbies & Past-times?  

  "Horses, gardening, walking, cooking, worms and making things." 

Favorite Garden Style?   

  "Chaos!! I'm a 'plunker.' My dream? Organized - no weeds!" 

Favorite Plants?   

  "Iris, geraniums, rhubarb, lilies, dahlias, salvia, petunias, hops, hibiscus, phlox."   


MICHELE ​- Farm & Facilities Supervisor

Michele, our Farm & Facilities Supervisor, was born in Blue Grass, Iowa. After being invited to visit some friends in Oakridge OR, she was sold and as she says, "The rest is history." Michelle joined our team in 2014 and she loves watching the green houses come alive with color each spring. 

Hobbies & Past-times?   

  "Road tripping in the bus, reading, hiking." 

Favorite Garden Style?   

  "Gardens chock full if color with many varieties of flowers and shrubs, accompanied with  assorted vegetable plants and berry bushes. Aromatic bombs." 

Favorite Plants?  

  "Soapwort, lavender, mint, curry."​  


DIA ​- Sales

Dia moved to Bend in 2012 and has a beautiful garden on the north side of Aubrey Butte. She has been with us since 2014 and is part of our seed planting crew. The meticulous, careful work needs a steady hand, and Dia is great at it! She likes the crew at the farm, and our customers - and she loves to take home a little something for her garden almost every time she works! ;o)
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "I am a gardener and a quilter."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "I'm interested in ALL gardens." 


DARLENE ​- Sales

Darlene was born in Yakima WA but has lived in Central OR for about 50 years! She came to work at the farm in 2015 and is becoming our main watering expert, which is one of the most difficult jobs in a green-house environment! We're so glad she joined us and she enjoys the farm too, saying we're the best employers and crew around!
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "Gardening, quilting, riding 4 wheelers."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "Holly's yard!" ;o)
Favorite Plants?
"Roses, lemon cukes." 


SHERRY​- Sales

Sherry was born in Portland, but grew up in Easter Oregon. Sherry's family skied and camped in Central Oregon, so she moved here in 1978. She loves skiing, and was a ski instructor for 7 years at Mt. Bachelor. However, these days during our "off" season, you can find Sherry catering and you may even catch a glimpse of her at a nearby Safeway offering food & beverage samples! Sherry's interest in gardening and landscaping started when she was 14 years old.
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "My passion is still skiing and enjoying the outdoors. I love to paint and create art. I have a golden retriever who is 14 and my second child. My oldest girl is 20 and attends Boise State."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "My favorite style is a balanced English garden, rare in Central Oregon."
Favorite Plants?
  "The plants I like best are purple and deer resistant: Iris, Russian sage, catmint. I do a container garden and a lot of experimenting."  


AMY​- Sales

Amy is originally from Redding CA, but Bend has always been a family destination, and she and her son moved here in 2011 to be closer to family. Amy has been part of our sales team since 2016, and simultaneously she is working for the Remond school district. She likes spending a bit of her busy life at the farm because she thinks we're such a fun family, and she learns so much with everyone bringing something awesome to the Whistle Stop team.
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "I love to read and am a big movie buff. When the weather is good, I enjoy kayaking and hiking."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "I enjoy gardens with purpose that are somewhat self sustaining. I like seeing herbs mixed in with flowers and believe that vegetables are beautiful"
Favorite Plants?
" Hakuro Nishiki shrub, basil, ajuga Burgundy Glow." 


AMELIA- Sales/Support

Amelia is a true Whistle Stop native, having been born and raised at the farm! And even though she lives here, whenever she isn't attending high school in Redmond, she still likes the environment and experiences at the farm and also getting to be outside everyday! She started working as an "official" employee in 2016, and helps with both our sales and support crews!
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "I like school, being outside, swimming, volleyball, and I also enjoy being with friends."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "Colorful, smelly and lots of delicious edible things!"
Favorite Plants?
  "Cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, blueberries, smelly shrubs, lilies, hibiscus, colorful annuals... everything." 


JACOB- Support

Jake has lived at the farm his entire life! Being Holly's son and growing up around farming has given him an interest in it, and he is a welcome addition to our support and farm crews! He likes the farming and field work and we all (his parents especially) appreciate his enthusiasm for all that hard work! He is currently attending high school in Redmond.
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "Working with horses."
Favorite Plants?


KRIS- Sales

Kris's love of gardening started with her father, who was an amazing gardener. Kris moved around and worked at several garden centers in Northern California before spending 23 years teaching. After moving to Bend in 2012 she volunteered with the Bloom Project for a couple of years, and joined our sales crew at the Whistle Stop in 2017, where she is once again working with plants, and fostering her love for gardening. She loves working with our customers and getting to be outside and seeing flowers everyday!
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "Gardening (obviously!). I also like quilting in the winter. Summer is for hiking & kayaking."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "I love wildflowers and natural forest settings. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!"
Favorite Plants?
  "I love perennials!" 



Georgia joined our sales crew just this year, and is originally from Washington state. She lived in California for a time, but moved to Central OR in 2013 because of the climate, and because she loves it here! She brings us years of horticulture experience and we are enjoying getting to know her!
Hobbies & Past-times?
  "Well... gardening is my favorite and I love to bake."
Favorite Garden Style?
  "Organized Cottage."
Favorite Plants?
  "Black-eyed Susan, thyme, lavender, petunia and million bells." 


MICHELLE- Sales/Support

After growing up and attending college in upstate New York, Michelle headed to Boulder Colorado where she discovered her passion for gardening, and met her partner Scott (see next bio! ;o). After a road trip to the PNW, they fell in love with the area and moved to Bend last winter!
Hobbies & Past-times?
 ​"Taking trips, playing music, snowboarding & Gardening!
​​Favorite Garden Style?
   "One that is beautiful, healthy, and productive. Gardening is a form of living art and I dream of building a garden one day that is lush and teeming with life. I would have a bountiful veggie garden, beautiful trees, and lots of flowering plants and shrubs to attract pollinators - maybe some kind of small water feature!" 
Favorite Plants?
   "Begonias, delphiniums, butterfly bush &  I am still learning a lot about growing veggies but carrots are always a fun and mysterious one."


Scott - Sales/Support


Scott, who is originally from Boulder CO, came to Bend last November after having visited on a road trip with his partner, Michelle (see above bio ;o). They had such a wonderful time, they decided this was the place they wanted to be! 

Hobbies & Past-times?

 "Other than gardening, my favorite hobbies are skateboarding, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time in the outdoors with my two favorites, Michelle and Mouse (their dog)." ​ 

Favorite Garden Style? ​   

 "I love vegetable gardening! It's so fun growing a beautiful plant and being able to eat the end product. I hope to have my own greenhouse someday so I can grow food for more than just a couple months out of the year." 

Favorite Plants?    

 "My favorite plants to grow in my garden are Echinacea, Yarrow, Green Zebra Tomato, and Rocky Mountain Maple. Beautiful flowers, tasty green tomatoes by the handful, and brilliant great color.


Gabrielle - Sales

Gabrielle is one of the few folks who was actually born and raised here in Central Oregon and she loves it enough that she just never left. 

Hobbies & Past-times?

 "I enjoy entertaining, gardening, cooking and baking, avid wine consumer, art and crafts, sitting by (or in) our piece of the river with family & friends. But mostly my favorite past time is hanging out with my husband and 3 daughters!"

Favorite Garden Style?

 "There is something whimsical about the European cottage gardens that I absolutely love."

Favorite Plants?

  "I love my lilies, every time I see a lily I don't have, I buy it! I also can't forget my daisy's, they are a happy flower! My go to annuals are petunias, allysum, and phlox. I incorporate them into all my pots and planters. One of my favorite shrubs is the Rock Daphne, and I really enjoy the versatility of lavender and all you can use the flowers for."



Ute (pronounced oo-tuh), who is the matriarch of our crew, originally comes from Kassel, Germany. She moved to the U.S. in 1962 and lived on the Oregon coast in Bandon for 25 years. She and her husband moved many years ago to Central Oregon after the area captured their hearts while visiting. She has worked at the Whistle Stop since 2010 and comes back as part of our support team year after year because she loves everything about it! The atmosphere, her coworkers and our customers. Hobbies & Past-times?   "Flowers, and in the past; canoeing, sailing, riding motorcycles, hiking." Favorite Garden Style?   "English gardens with paths and benches." Favorite Plants?   "Petunias, daisies, pansies, bright colors."